Discussion on: Ditch VSCode for neovim

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Himujjal Upadhyaya

Yet another install NeoVim on your *nix machines and configs. What about Windows?

Tmux doesnt support Windows. And before someone suggests me to switch to Linux. I would say Been there, done that, regretted that.

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You're not missing too much by not using tmux. Find yourself a terminal that supports tabs and split panes and you're done. I used cmder in the past, it was good and supports split panes.

There is also the new windows terminal, which is called windows terminal. That also looks good. Or maybe one of those electron based terminal like this one.

Another thing you can try is use neovim itself as a replacement for tmux. Using neovim-qt and this plugin.

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Cason Adams Author

nvimux looks pretty awesome thanks for the suggestion! Alacritty terminal is the only terminal that doesn’t have lag. Most of those electron based ones are super laggy! They are awesomely full featured, but with that there are trade offs.

I really love tmux because I can use it as a server and pair program:)

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Mohamed Dahir

Have you tried WSL2 before? You then should be able to do pretty much everything in this post.

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Himujjal Upadhyaya

Never mind guys. I switched to Linux now. Everything is even-steven.

Thing is I don't find devs talking about Windows compatibility and with rumours of Windows NT kernel being replaced by Linux one, I though it would be wise to get on the train sooner. I won't complain though. Windows has given me so many games and things to not worry about. It has its pros and cons just like Linux has its.

Also, I have stopped playing games since the last 6 months. So, I didn't require Windows. I switched to Garuda Linux and everything is working good.

Anyways thanks for the suggestion.

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Robin Gagnon

I just started using tmux. I used the tabs and panes my terminal emulator provided for years and it works perfectly fine.

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Regan Koopmans

I have neovim running on Windows. With the new terminal it works really well.