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Discussion on: 5 tools to keep up with tech

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Harish Kandala

Thanks for the informative article!

I have used for quite some time, it is an amazing site to keep updated with tech. But personally I feel it has few drawbacks:

  1. uses its own upvote/downvote and comment system, instead of the source.
  2. Trending and popular posts in doesn't quite match with the source.
  3. Can't see popular posts in the last week or last month etc.
  4. Can't use on mobile or tablet as it is only available as browser extension (I suppose it is going to change as they are introducing web app too)

As I didn't find a good alternative to without the above drawbacks, I started building my own news aggregator app:
It is in very early stage with only Hacker News, Reddit and integration. Planning to add more site integrations and more features.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

P.S: is a perfect app if those drawbacks aren't a big deal for you. Built keepup only to satisfy my requirements, will be very happy if it help others too!

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Alberto Yanes Author

Hey! Thanks for the comments! I agree 100%, an application mobile would be 100% great, and i'm happy to hear about your project, definitely i'll take a look on that.