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5 tools to keep up with tech

In programming’s world, we could say it is essential and very important to keep up with the new information of our sector, in this way you manage to place yourself in the lead and face the various challenges that are presented to you in your day to day in an optimal way.

Refactor some portion of the code, add a new functionality in the application, choose a technological stack for a new project, upgrade a deprecated code from 5 years ago (Who has not had this beautiful task? 😛).

These are just a few examples of different situations that may arise for which you need to make the right decisions that fit the problem to be solved. How is it achieved? With knowledge, constantly updating yourself and being self-taught.

That is why I want to give you some incredible tools that have helped me over time, to be informed of what is happening around.

1. Daily DEV

This beautiful tool allows you to centralize articles from various platforms (Medium, Hasnode, DEV, etc), in one place. It is an extension that you can integrate into Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome. Every time you open a tab, a series of quite interesting articles will appear that you have previously filtered according to your interests when installing the extension. What I love the most about it is the simple fact that when you open a tab you can browse any variety of articles, definitely is one of the tools that I use the most in my day to day, one of the cons I see is that you can get distracted easily, but we know that acquiring knowledge is not a sin 😏.

2. Git News

Something essential for any developer is to be able to view the repositories that are in trend, here you can have that information, and even filter by language. Usually I like to review this tool weekly, 80% of the cases I am surprised by a library that I never heard of and it solves many problems for me or that can attach perfectly with the project needs that i’m working on.

3. Product Hunt

Surely many have heard about this tool. It allows you to visualize the technological products that are in trend. In fact, many of the tools that I have used, I got them from this application. You can also subscribe via email and be informed weekly of the news that appears.

4. Trending Insights or Surveys

Although these tools do not fit with the day-to-day (For example, developer surveys such as StackOverflow are annual), it is of great importance to dedicate moments of the year to review these types of metrics (languages, libraries, salaries, topics, among others) and be surprised with the results.

5. Eventbrite

Finally, nothing more nor less than a platform to discover events, webinars, conferences, meetups, and classes that you could attend virtually or in person. Subscribe to the topics that interest you and you will surely receive a conference or two that you find attractive.


One of the experiences that I have learned throughout the career and that has marked me the most, is that you never have to stay only with the knowledge that the project, university, training, etc. gives you.

Always do more research, take a look on new technologies, discover new releases that will come out in the future, and ask yourself if you can integrate some of these things into the project you are currently working on. I’m pretty sure that your team will be happy to hear about new stuff to implement in their daily workflow 😉.

Always remember:

Knowledge is power

Do you implement other tech tool to boost up your knowledge? Let us know in the comments section!

Thanks for reading my article! I hope you have found some of these tools useful and that you can integrate them into your routine. Soon I will be actively posting on various tech topics.

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hkandala profile image
Harish Kandala • Edited

Thanks for the informative article!

I have used for quite some time, it is an amazing site to keep updated with tech. But personally I feel it has few drawbacks:

  1. uses its own upvote/downvote and comment system, instead of the source.
  2. Trending and popular posts in doesn't quite match with the source.
  3. Can't see popular posts in the last week or last month etc.
  4. Can't use on mobile or tablet as it is only available as browser extension (I suppose it is going to change as they are introducing web app too)

As I didn't find a good alternative to without the above drawbacks, I started building my own news aggregator app:
It is in very early stage with only Hacker News, Reddit and integration. Planning to add more site integrations and more features.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

P.S: is a perfect app if those drawbacks aren't a big deal for you. Built keepup only to satisfy my requirements, will be very happy if it help others too!

betoyanes profile image
Alberto Yanes

Hey! Thanks for the comments! I agree 100%, an application mobile would be 100% great, and i'm happy to hear about your project, definitely i'll take a look on that.


idoshamun profile image
Ido Shamun

Woohoo! Thanks for mentioning as your 1st place 🙌

betoyanes profile image
Alberto Yanes

It's awesome!!

joachimzeelmaekers profile image
Joachim Zeelmaekers

Nice article!
I would suggest using Feedly ( to have 1 information app that combines some of them. It allows you to filter on topics that interest you the most and it integrates with most of the existing platforms!

betoyanes profile image
Alberto Yanes

Woah! One more tool to my collection, thanks for sharing it!

hamzaazman profile image
Hamza Azman

Very nice content. Thank you :)

vmohir profile image
Vahid Mohammadi

I use Twitter (Tweetdeck actually). There's a lot of useful Twitter pages

lukaszwozniak profile image
Łukasz • Edited

Thanks for this list. I'll probably give Daily DEV a try.

davidkylechoe profile image
David Kyle Choe

Great article Alberto.

I've also found (as a non-technical founder) following specific individuals like yourself on Twitter or on Substack to be invaluable for my own learning and growth.

betoyanes profile image
Alberto Yanes

Glad to hear that, keep up with the auto-learning! <3

andreasplahn profile image

Great tips! Thank you

donnyverduijn profile image
Donny Verduijn

You forgot

betoyanes profile image
Alberto Yanes

Hey buddy! Dzone articles are integrated in Daily Dev, mostly of the blog pages are integrated in this platform. Regards!

gabrielayanesphinx profile image
Gabriela Yanes

Excellent article and very useful!!! As I am entering the programming world, I was not aware of many of these tools, so thanks for sharing :)

betoyanes profile image
Alberto Yanes

Thanks !! Happy to know that it's useful for you.