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Discussion on: What would your opinion be of a "reading position" indicator on DEV?

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hkly • Edited

I think it would be good for general accessibility, especially for the longer articles. It would be useful to have for folks who may need it for various reasons, including folks who have reading disabilities where it would be helpful to know how far they are into the article (the scroll bar only shows how far they are into the page, not the article), while not being intrusive and doesn't take away focus from the content for those who may not need it.

Edit: I'm a little surprised that most people are coming at this solely from a personal perspective vs a developer perspective. From an accessibility standpoint, this feature could be helpful for a lot of people.

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Brian Emilius

So much this. I work with people who have dyslexia, and I've taught language professionally. One important experience I made was that people who are in some way "reading-impaired" need(!) an overview. They need to be able to comprehend the scope of the text they're reading, and they cannot do it the way a practiced reader can.