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re: Why I still love Ruby VIEW POST

re: Ruby has a long history of assimilating the best ideas, patterns, and practices from other programming languages. I think this is also happening ...

I agree that programming languages borrow good ideas from each other all the time, but Ruby's focus on developer happiness seems to make this a first class goal of the language.


Totally agreed. I can't think of a single other language that has developer happiness as one of its stated goals. Although I don't have many opportunities to use Ruby these days, I still think that I was at my most productive when I did. Ruby (and Rails) taught me, among other things, that

  • test-driven development was actually doable and useful;
  • web frameworks didn't have be stinking pieces of shit; and
  • "convention over configuration," far from being limiting, frees you up to do what's really important in your apps.
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