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Create an Instagram downloader API with Nodejs

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Hi, I'm Hossein, In this article, I'll show you how to create your Nodejs Instagram photo and image downloader.
To start our project we need to install dependencies:
npm init
npm install node-html-parser axios

After installation dependencies have done, Create an index.js file and put the codes below into it:

const axios = require('axios');
const { parse } = require("node-html-parser");

const instagramPostLink = "";

async function getPostLink(url) {

  url = url + 'embed' + '/captioned';

  let res = axios.get(url).then(async (response) => {
    const root = parse(;

    let link = "";
    if ("video_url") != -1)
      link = getVideoLinkFromHtml(;
      link = root.querySelector('img.EmbeddedMediaImage').getAttribute("src");

    while ("&") != -1) {
      link = link.replace("&", "&");
    let caption =await getCaptionFromHtml(;

    return {link,caption};


  return res;


async function getCaption(url) {

  url = url + 'embed' + '/captioned';

  let res = axios.get(url).then((response) => {

    let caption= getCaptionFromHtml(;

    return caption;


  return res;


async function getCaptionFromHtml(html) {

  const root = parse(html);

  let caption=root.querySelector('.Caption')?.text;
  if(caption == undefined)
      caption="No caption";

  caption=caption.replace("view all comments","");
  return caption;


function getVideoLinkFromHtml(html) {
  let crop = "{\"" + html.substring("video_url"),"video_url") + 1000);

  crop = crop.substring(0,",")) + "}";

  return JSON.parse(crop).video_url;

(async ()=>{
    await getPostLink(instagramPostLink);

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Some trouble with download the Instagram app is it needs a login, So we are use the embed Instagram posts to download that.
And Instagram can't block this way, Because so many sites use that.

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