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Wrapping Up Exploration of John Deere’s MowerPlus Database

I did another twitter thread on the aforeblogged MowerPlus database as I explored the tables after a second mow to determine what identified a unique mowing “session” (using John Deere’s terms).

This is the thread:

As forewarned, today was the second mow with the new @JohnDeere mower. I'll thread the exploration of what the db looks like with 2 mows logged + have a screen shot of the new macOS 10.15 iOS backup window. (will thread this, too)

— boB 🇷udis (@hrbrmstr) June 9, 2019

For those folks who are sanely averse to Twitter but have been following along in the blog the overall TLDR is that this time around it took less time since I didn’t have to go over areas twice and that the ZSESSION column in the ZMOWLOCATION table hold the session id for a given mowing session.

I wrapped up how to get access to the MowerPlus SQLite DB that holds this data into one function and you can see a non-Twitter (and non-annotated) version of the Twitter thread here — this rmarkdown report — or below:


I’ll likely make a small package for this since I’ll use it during mowing season so check the usual suspects (sourcehut/gitlab/gitugh) if you, too, want to use R to help analyze your mower data.

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