Zen and Functional C#

Henrick Tissink on August 29, 2019

Writing functional programming can induce a Zen like experience. With clean, short blocks of code that reveal their intent and inner workings plain... [Read Full]
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Hi Henrick, really good article, I'm going to start putting this into practice!

Also noticed the sample code 'public void PriceOfFood...' should return double.



Hi Ferdeen, I really appreciate the positive feedback, thank you so much!

And well spotted - fixed it :]


No problem!

Was checking where I commented on the typo and could see a couple more void returns that should also return double. They are towards the top of the post.


Oh jeez - I checked the writing for typos but not the code - thanks again :]

No worries. It doesn't take anything away from such a good post, and I'll look forward to reading more of your work. Cheers.


For a janitor, you really know a lot. You're like the Will Hunting of programming



Love this. I get jaded about the language I code in professionally; sees C# is steeped in methodolody that is counterintuitive to what is being achieved.


Thanks Jimmy - yes exactly. The .Net team have added so much functionality to C# that you don't always know how to use it sometimes. Sticking to a clean functional approach helps; and it's a lot of fun switching your thinking from procedural to functional.

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