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This "no config" claim from parcel is merely the result of the very few features it actually offers - not by some miracle or genius design.

While i think its a healthy thing to consider multiple ways to approach bundling - i really think this message is nothing short of misleading.

Parcel is easily 5 years behind webpack. You can see a dramatic difference in the basic features alone when comparing the two - it becomes clear fairly quick that webpack absolutely dwarfs parcel.

For purely static webpages, or very tiny apps - sure maybe parcel could work. But, odds are that you will very quickly hit a wall that parcel isn't even close to solving for you.


Well, it seems we're in agreement on one thing at least - as I mentioned in my stream, Webpack works great, and Parcel isn't right for every project! Cristhian H. also made some good points about what Parcel does well/not well in another comment. I don't think anyone will be calling Parcel a "miracle," but when you only need/want a few features, I've found it works well and has a nice developer experience.

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