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Your NextJS + Styled-Components + Darkmode quick-starter

Hey devs πŸ‘‹

This past weekend, I decided to make a little quick-starter for all my NextJS and Styled-components based projects.

It was a little annoying to bring up the docs for each tool to implement because I can never remember all the setup and configurations πŸ˜…

So, if you're a react dev tinkering with NextJS, you can use my starter to bootstrap your next app!

It has the bare minimum including a:
functioning Navbar, Mobile Nav, example component, react-icons library, and darkmode! That's it.
Please customize to your needing! If you understand React, basic CSS and :root variables, you'll find yourself editing and navigating through the files very easily. It also features the easiest Darkmode you've ever experienced!


  1. DEMO
  2. REPO
  3. NextJS
  4. Styled-components
  5. Next-theme

Getting started

As always, after cloning the repo, to get started simply run npm install , and in the case of a NextJS app, you're going to run npm run dev to start the development process.

That's it πŸ’―

If your familiar with create-react-app, the pages folder is like your src folder. Inside you'll find the index.js file, which is like your App.js file in a create-react-app project. You'll also find _app.js which is like your index.js file in create-react-app.


That wraps up Your NextJS + Styled-Components + Darkmode quick-starter! I hope you can make use of this quick-starter. NextJS is seriously cool, styled-components makes CSS even more fun, and darkmode doesn't have to be such a drag with next-theme! Have fun!

Have questions

Running into problems or have any questions!? Hit me up on Twitter!

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Shane Walker

The link to the repo is returning a 404. I'm stuck on this problem, I have a working dark mode however when I switch between light and dark mode I get an error in the console that my component class names are different from client to server. Any chance you were facing this problem also?