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6 Awesome Tips to Encourage Reader Interaction of a Blog

Today, in most of the blogs, bloggers build up quality content. But, they worry about not having much reader interaction. They say, that they do not have a good idea of how to encourage reader interaction of a blog. Let me tell you something. Strategies for encouraging reader interaction are not that hard and mysterious.

Imagine this scenario, readers start flocking into your blog, reading each and every article, leaving comments after comment, and they do not want to go away. Want to make it so real instead of imagination? Let's get started!

Encourage Reader Interaction -- Tips

As you know, for a blogger, the reader is the treasure. Moreover, more reader interaction could be defined as the success of a blog. So, how should you encourage reader interaction?

1. Respect Your Reader

Respect is very important as everyone loves to be respected. So do readers. Firstly, when you write articles or blog posts, your way of writing matters. It should be a respectful way.

Secondly, do not disturb your reader or annoy them with ads while reading. Readers really hate that. When they are being disturbed, they go away from your blog. Yeah, I know showing ads is somehow important for financial matters. But, there must be readers for your blogs to show ads. Isn't it? So, minimize the popping ads while readers are reading in your blog. Trust me, you will encourage reader interaction through this strategy like nothing else.

2. Consistency

To make your readers feel cheered and to maintain consistency in your blog, several strategies exist. Firstly, you need to make them feel expected in your next article. This is called "blogging on a consistent schedule".

The second way of maintaining consistency is all over to you. But, let me give you some valuable tips. Write your article in a manner like you and the reader having a conversation. Do not let the reader feel that you are from a different era, or you are someone else. This helps to build up the trust between you and your reader. That encourages reader interaction with your blog.

3. Always Consider Readers' Purposes

When you start writing, think about how much your reader will expect from you or what are their intention is. Always try to write what they search for or the problems they suffer: give them solutions.

4. Ask for Feedback

Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy does a great job of asking her readers for feedback at the end of each post. She has a great reader interaction in her posts with comments, feedback.

She uses things like "What do you think about this?  How do you handle that situation?  Have you ever done this?" So, I recommend you to use phrases like Anne of Modern Mrs. Darcy uses. Instead of her phrases, use the following.

  • Have you ever faced this situation?
  • How do you feel about this?
  • Do you have any ideas?
  • What are your thoughts?
  • Feel free to share your ideas with others
  • Do you mind sharing your thoughts? etc.

5. Build an Audience with Comments

This is very important. Comments are the pitch that readers and bloggers build their relationship with each other. Blogs without comments are totally useless. There is no excuse for not creating an environment for comments. Then, you will have a big audience for your blog. I highly recommend you to create a good environment for comments.

How do you create a good environment for comments? In this case, you have to choose a good commenting system. Readers will love to interact through it. Make them busy interacting with your blog through comments. As it grows, the comment pitch starts automatically encouraging new readers to interact with your blog. Do not forget to be kindly, politely responsive to the readers' comments. Choosing a user-friendly commenting system such as Hyvor Talk matters too.😉

6. Build an Audience with Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter

Imagine that the readers who used to do reading in your blog, now do not come often or they do not come at all. There might be different reasons such as they are not informed about new articles and new things have come up in your blog or they are busy not having time to check up your blog. That is why the email newsletter is for. Use this technique to attract readers with emails regarding recent updates. These emails make readers rush to your blog for reading.


Going through the above-mentioned tips, you will experience long-lasting results in reader interaction. Enjoyed reading this article? Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to say or share. Happy Blogging!✌

Originally published on Hyvor Talk Blog.

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David Sanchez

Great recommendations! Now I think there are many things that my blog is missing, thanks for sharing

_ishiniavindya profile image
Ishini Avindya Author

Glad to hear that my article helped you to improve. Good luck! Thanks you reading.