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re: Hey! I’m often seeing that I should contribute to Babel, but when using it I don’t see anything that I can improve. Do you notice that it’s harder ...

Hey Haroen, good question!

It's not something that projects do a good job at in general. Making beginner-friendly (good first issue) issues is hard, takes lots of time, and scales inefficiently. And I've made a lot of those: first issue.

It is hard because it seems overwhelming. I was intending to make a better guide with real issue/PR examples but haven't one it yet.

It's ironic because on my side I think it's not even close to being "complete" as a project but I need to figure out how to express that in the right way 🙂. That should probably be my priority instead of trying to fix all these specific bugs/issues myself.


That's maybe because very rarely when I have a problem with Babel it's a problem in the project itself, but usually it's something I set up wrong, rather than being wrong. For you to notice that things aren't following specs needs you to 1. know the specs very good, and 2. actually care about the differences.

Thanks for your answer!

Yeah I think the scope of the issues I think about aren't really about the syntax/output but how it affects the ecosystem.


  • How do we try to make the quality of babel plugins higher?
  • How do we encourage everyone to use babel-preset-env instead of babel-preset-es2015, etc.
  • How do we simplify the config so that people get the best output?
  • How do we teach/educate people about the tool, syntax, etc
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