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CMD tricks

**_Well here are some cool and good tricks of cmd ( command prompt ) aux\ --- it will create a folder that can't be copy nor deleted
2.attrib -h -s -r (folder u want to unhide)----------- this will unhide the folder
3.attrib +h +s +r (folder u want to hide)----------- this will hide the folder reload it
4.shutdown /s ----------- it will shut down the computer
5.shutdown /l ----------- it will log off the computer
6.shutdown /r ----------- it will restart the computer
7.shutdown /s /t (no. of seconds) /c "(Msg u want pop out before the shut down )"--------- it will shutdown the pc after the seconds are over and display the msg u have written
8.shutdown /s /t (no. of seconds) --------- it will shutdown the pc after the seconds are over
9.color help ------- it will show the color code
10.color (background code)(font code ) -------it will customize the cmd by codes eg color help 42 (it changes the background to red and font to green)
11.***prompt (name u want change )$G ---- it will change the prompt
title (whateve u wnat ) ----- it will chane the title _

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You have a lot of typos and use the wrong tags.