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re: Hi, I'm absolute beginner at programming aiming to become a frontend developer, started coding couple of weeks ago. Currently learning JS, found my...

Hey there, Hopes it going well! I'm also on the same path of learning to become a frontend developer. Goodluck my friend!


Yea going on great thanks and u? Learning JS atm but kinda taking forever. Mind sharing resources you are using to learn programming??

Good too, haha yeah it feels like that but, hey one day at a time.

I'm currently doing the Web Development course on

And also started; a few day's ago.

I've been also trying to practice doing some;
challenges when i'm at work.

Also, started reading this yesterday.

Hope that helps, I'd also check out the codeNewbie podcast and Learnwithme podcast.

Yes it does, been using freecodecamp since I started coding, once came across theodinproject but was thinking of finishing he freecodecamp curriculum before starting odinproject. Honestly admire your learning style ability to combine multiple resources at a time. I hope one day I'll get to your level lol. Thanks for sharing and sorry for late reply.

Well I started with theodinproject and back in September. I feel like i'm going through it pretty slowly. I recently felt I was starting to forget the HTML/CSS stuff so I figured i'd review it going thru the freecodecamp course. And I try to listen to podcast on my commute and try to do extra coding stuff while I'm at work. There's a lot of hurry up and wait at my current job. Just try to fill in the gaps in your day to supplement you current learning. Anyway, Hope its going well! :)

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