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Deploying Your First Amplify Project with Serverless

iammiracle profile image Miracle Ayodele ・1 min read

It is everyone joy to see what he or she has done no matter how little the project might be.

In a previous article, I showed you how to create your first amplify project and now we will be deploying the static project.

The traditional approach will be to get an EC2 instance and deploy your app on the instance, but there is an easy, cost effective and modern approach of deploying your app.

This modern way is by using the Serverless approach. In our case, we started our project with Next.js, so we are going to be using the Serverless Next.js

In the root directory of your project, you should add a YAML file, called serverless.yml, then add this line of code

# serverless.yml

  component: "@sls-next/serverless-component@1.16.0"
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Once this is done, you can run this command:

npx serverless

Wait for some minutes for the process to complete. Once the process is complete, a URL will be created for you to see your app. Here is mine

Alt Text

Note, if the generated URL shows This site can't be reached, you will have to be patient and keep reloading till it shows your app.

Congratulation, your first amplify app is now live.

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