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I agree there are probably many people who think too highly of themselves. But there are also quite a lot of very smart people with impostor syndrome. I think they do deserve better!

I respectfully but strongly disagree with "not belittleing = bragging". This is exactly what people with impostor syndrome think: "if I tell anyone about what I did, they'll think I'm showing off". Following this logic, they tend to, for example, not list their achievements for the yearly performance review, and are bypassed with promotions and raises. I really do not see simply listing your working and personal achievements as a bad thing.

If you are a guru and you know it, you don't have a impostor syndrome. This has two consequences:
1) you already know how to behave and don't need this article:)
2) you strive to help other people, especially the beginners, by showing them you are human too, and can be insecure too.
This is a very nice behaviour. However, again, probably these people wouldn't need this piece of advice.

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