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re: Nicely written Elena!!! Well, I have a doubt. I literally feel embarrassed during question asking period at the end in case it didn't go well. How...

Hi Pratik,
Hmm. I don't think you always know for sure they are going to wrap up with you. It might be just your nerves talking. I'd still ask questions. It doesn't hurt, right?


No, it doesn't, I mean it does. :D
Thanks for replying though.

Apologies for moving out of context but I think you can help me find the answer to following query.

I'm holding offer worth 100% hike on current compensation but looking for more.

How do I answer this question during HR Discussion,
"Why do you ask for more when you're already getting more?"

How do I convience em for more?

Hi Pratik,
Wow, congratulations! That already sounds impressive.
I don't think I'm so good at negotiating, unfortunately (for me). But I can recommend you these great articles:
Good luck!

Thanks for sharing links Elena!! Solved my queries from the Authors.. :D

Happy to help. I hope you succeeded with your negotiations :)

Process is in progress to achieve target of 150% #seemsDifficult :D

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