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Discussion on: The Hunch: 4 Times I Felt It And 1 When I Didn't, And What Were The Consequences

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Elena Author

Thanks for your reply, Kat. It seems like you have The Hunch too. That's nice! :)

I'm not sure I have it figured out 100% :). I still struggle sometimes with how to make other people believe me, or how to teach them thinking before doing. By sharing this post, I wanted to help people look at the task more intensely, and to show what happens when they don't.

I don't think saying "I sense..." or "my intuition tells me..." helps. This sounds like magic, and can be easily rejected with "well, my intuition tells me something different". I think what helps, is explaining that this is based on your (years of) experience, and in similar situations you usually see this or that set of problems. I.e.: "when making a large code change, people usually forget about backwards compatibility, so we should think about it", or something like that.

Further, just like you said, I think that supporting your claims with data helps. It is hard to argue with data.

I also find that it helps to methodically lay it out to people - basically, in a list with bullet points. I.e.: "we still have to figure out: a), b), c); and in c) I usually meet a lot of problems which may delay us a lot; so why don't we think about c) in advance".

Do you have other tips or ideas? I'd love to hear them!

P.S. What do you call "the hunch"? :))