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When I was younger, used to try and program Spectrums and c64s and loved it. Didn't do computer science in school?
Fast forward to full time job at newspaper doing design work in quark/photoshop/illustrator, married with young child, realised I wanted to be a dev so I started my degree part time while working full time.
After only two years of studying, we started a internet dept at the paper and I asked I could start working as the dev and we built our first site. My background in design tools helped the transition to websites and had to do everything from DB design, SQL management, back end code, html, css, images, etc. It was all new stuff to me but all the web team were new too.
Did a few years there and a few years deving at Uni and build up some good contacts. Everyone wanted web systems doing. Got my degree, some masters, worked for a startup, ran my own, now working again for someone else doing Xamarin. Just turned 50 and hope to continue dev.
My age means that I have been involved in everything from database design/manage, server management, website design, css, js, images, c# (plus countless others), search engines, e-commerce, cloud. Due to the range of stuff, I can never claim to be a master of anything but very good at lots of things. This might be seen as a weakness and modern dev jobs are more specialised - but it also means I can start projects knowing what I want from myself or my team.

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