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Hello DEV world! Namaste! 🙏
I am Kartik and I am a software engineer.
I am very passionate about using technology to make a better world. I like to say I sit at the crossroads of creativity, technology, and the human condition.

I will hopefully be adding dev posts here frequently.
In addition, feel free to subscribe to my non-dev blog about technology on my website ikartik.com.

Onward to more progress!


Welcome and we too are excited!


I liked the article dated January 12 in your blog. Quite interesting, thanks.


Thanks! Glad you liked it


Your blog is wonderful. I want to learn from you.



Thank you! I will post tutorials about building a blog soon :)


Tienes contenido muy interesante en tu blog.



Muchísimas gracias Victor!


Yeah, seriously! I've been learning about the way information is conveyed in spoken language as opposed to non verbal. I thought it was very interesting to have a base of 39 bits irregardless of syllable count.

Totally cool!

Thanks! I find it amazing that we can create so many different languages over thousands of years, but our brains still all have a similar bandwidth limit to processing incoming information!

It's an amazing thing to look at really. I always think about how much our ancestors were able to do. Essentially, they had as much "bandwidth" for uploading/downloading of info as us. If you take it back far enough you'll see these common threads of the ratio of brain case volume to body weight. It's not just us, the "Conceited Great Ape," either, that ratio is good for corvids to dolphins.

What I'm quite interested in is the effect of ML/AI coupled with Quantum Computing on us. Dolphins can apparently create a 3D picture by sonar & then, using the same sounds, transfer the info to others in the pod. We can see a fraction of the EM spectrum (visible light), many animals apparently have magnetic sensory cells, but what if we could hear RF waves, upload/download complete experienced information, & move & sync complete consciousness between a cloned entity that has separate corporal forms while still being the same person. All in real time.

Totally agree! In terms of physical abilities, humans are pretty ill-equipped compared to most animals. We don’t have sonar, our eyesight is mediocre at best, we can’t even smell very well.

There are two things that makes us more sophisticated than animals: 1 is our brain - we developed such complex languages, formed social relations, etc. And that brain also invented 2, our tools. We’ve made up for the lack of physical abilities through tools that are an extension of ourselves - AI/ML, Neuralinl, robotic prosthetics, night vision. It’s incredible that our minds came up with all this, and that our minds can understand that as well!


Hey Kartik, just like you I am budding software engineer, i hope DEV community helps all of us grow in this tough time.


Most definitely! Tough times are always a catalyst for innovation and growth.


Amazing blog, subscribed! :)


Thanks :) Glad you liked it!


Checked out your github and saw Scribe

You open-sourced your own blog platform?

Thats awesome! 😃


Ah, you noticed! 😁 Thanks a lot! There are quite a few changes on my blog that I am implementing for Scribe – should be ready soon and they will make it much better than the current version.


Waoo!! Really nice blog! Good job.


Thank you so much! 🙏


“I like to say I sit at the crossroads of creativity, technology, and the human condition.“ ties a ribbon on that

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