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Ilya Sher

I am not checking the source code

Did check. It had reference to html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/web...

The relevant part is:

While the event loop's microtask queue is not empty:

  • Let oldestMicrotask be the result of dequeuing from the event loop's microtask queue.
  • Set the event loop's currently running task to oldestMicrotask.
  • Run oldestMicrotask.
  • Set the event loop's currently running task back to null.

In light of this, you should also review your previous articles in series because the call stack is mentioned all over there.

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Kabir Nazir Author

but this phrasing suggest that resolve() must happen after .then(...) is attached

That wasn't how the article was phrased. I did attach code examples below it to demonstrate it better. However, I have still edited the post to make it more clearer.

I would rewrite the random example

I agree. I shall edit accordingly.

call stack is used like in many other languages meaning it contains call frames (created by calling a function and removed by returning from a function)

I'm aware of the concept of call frames. But if I had to mention that in my previous articles, I would have to go even much deeper and that could make the post very long. My aim of the articles was to give a basic but sound explanation of concepts without diving too much into advanced concepts or specifics.

articles here are presented as information (I guess assumed by beginners to be correct), not as discussion.

I think it's safe to say that it should be common knowledge for readers that articles on Dev.to are written by a myriad of people (ranging from beginner to experienced) and not by the people who actually developed the technologies. Hence, while the articles can be used as a source of information, they shouldn't be necessarily taken as a gospel of truth. The official documentation is always where any developer should consult first for precise and deep knowledge.

The same goes for other corrections you have mentioned in my post. Getting into all the details for a specific topic isn't what Dev or Medium is about. This is a blogging website, not an official documentation source. But I do understand your concern regarding the correctness of the information. What I can do is add a link at the bottom of the post redirecting the user to the official documentation (like MDN), where they can explore more about the concepts in detail.

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