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What is the difference between stackoverflow and

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rhymes • Edited

These are good conversations, on, highlighting what's good or less good about SO:

I think the comparison is apples and oranges to a certain extent, though.

SO is a site where you go and ask questions, and hopefully get answers, about technical issues you might have encountered on this or that technology and the more you answer and the more people like your answers the more points you have. That's it. is another thing:

Where programmers share ideas and help each other grow. It is an online community for sharing and discovering great ideas, having debates, and making friends. Anyone can share articles, questions, discussions, etc. as long as they have the rights to the words they are sharing. Cross-posting from your own blog is welcome.


You can see it for yourself by spending some time on it. People talk about programming, technology at large, their own jobs, their own struggles, what goes on in their minds, they talk about the experience of being women in tech, they ask the opinion of their peers on a wide range of dev-related topics and sometimes even "off" topics. All of this in a friendly environment which is kind of a unicorn if you think about it.

There are friendly people on StackOverflow and on Hacker News and I'm sure there are people who are less friendly on as well, but the overall experience here is just different than from other places.

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Jess Lee


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Kalaiarasan Pushpanathan • Edited

I hear stackoverflow stories daily on devRant on how unwelcoming it is to newbies. I heard that they are trying to change that but still.

I have been here a few days and don't see any abuse by people.

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Doruk Kutlu

I tried (multiple times) posting an answer on SO.

Once, the accepted answer(s) were clearly wrong, and I wanted to link to the relevant part of the docs - I thought copy/paste the docs verbatim would be frowned upon. However, the comment was removed as "it lacked explanation".

The other times were not that important; there wasn't misinformation, just incomplete. I scribbled a few sentences as I was passing by. It was also removed.

See the common pattern? They wanted me to "spend time" to meet their "quality standards". Half the "accepted answers" are wrong for a reason, only the mediocre put up with it. In depth answers are from those who want to prop up their resume. Those people are SO's real driving force, not the up-and-coming generation.

I am glad they are being perceived as hostile, and are trying to trick you into hanging around with the plastic smiles on their faces.