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Gitting The Inside Scoop On GitHub

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What is a git?

So who exactly uses GitHub? Well everyone, but no one at the same time. If you don't have a GitHub account, are you good bro? Stop reading this and go create an account now!

Anyway, GitHub has become a hub (yes pun intended) of sharing code. GitHub is an online tool that help you enhance your online profile while working creatively with a team. Creating repositories, forking, and commits are the backbone of GitHub.

So what is a Git? A git is a command line version control system. Version control systems are an important tool of the future. You don't want someone to go in and change your code and then have no clue what's going on.

Where to start

Once your account is made, go create a new repository. After this is created, go play around with all the tools. To get started, go to add a file, and create a new file. This is where the fun begins. Your adventure starts there. You can go in and start adding whatever code you desire. This can then be added to your main if wanted, or continue to be in a different branch.

Now if you wanted to add this branch to your main code, then you create a pull request. This will then send a notification to the admin. If the code lines up and there are no conflicts, the admin can accept the changes. This will then add the new changes to the main source.


After you finish making a change in one of the branches, you normally create a commit. A commit is used to mark a point of time for the code. This then ends up being submitted with a a message of the changes.

This is especially important if you're working as a team. You need to communicate with each other so everyone is on the same page. This keeps the overall code change in sync. The admin can see the commits when accepting the pull request also. This just keeps everyone in the loop.

If you want to learn more about GitHub, check out this video below.
Git the inside scoop on GitHub

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