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Top 5 Best Resources To Learn Javascript

Hello friends, Today we have the top 5 resources that you can use to learn javascript. Javascript is the most popular and flexible programming language on the web. Javascript is used for websites, web app, and more various fields.

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1. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of the best platforms to learn javascript, they provide the completion certificate. 1,686,370 students join this course and it's very easy to learn and faculty is very kind and helpful.


course syllabus
browser compatibility and transpilation

2. Javascript Essentials

Learn the Javascript essentials for web development or any type of programming. Learn all the basics of Javascript including primitive types, arrays, functions, assignment operators, the window object and much more. Also I'll provide clear explanations of objects, constructors and arrays in a clear way for anyone to understand. We'll also dive into some more detail about how Javascript works and even advanced topics like prototype inheritance, scope, execution context and much more. So why should you learn Javascript? Well it's everywhere and is getting even bigger in 2016. It's available to mobile apps, desktop apps, server side nodeJS technology and as always in every single browser around the world. There has never been a better time to learn the basics of Javascript!


course syllabus
What is Javascript?
How Javascript Works
Javascript Console
Objects in Javascript
Javascript Syntax
Primitive Data
Variables, Constants & Assignment
Arithmetic Operator’s & BODMAS
Assignment Operator’s
Code Editors & Debugging
Functions or Subroutines
Objects & Arrays
Embedding Objects & Arrays
Member Access
Computed Member Access
Member Creation, Assignment & Deletion
Array Modification
Callable Objects
Scope & Closures
Inferred Globals & Scope
This Context
Constructors with Prototype
Comparison Operators
If Statements
For & For In Loop's
Let ES6
Understanding the Document Object Model
Targeting DOM Element’s
Changing Element's Content's
Changing Element Style's
Event Handlers
Create & appendChild & insertBefore method's
Final Project
Conclusion & Goodbye
Bonus Lecture: Discount Courses



The Modern JavaScript Tutorial was created in 2007 by Ilya Kantor, and regularly updated since then. New chapters were added, outdated ones - removed, to stay fresh. The PDF version is about 1300 pages, starting from the beginning, and then to advanced topics. It's a book, not a video, as for many people reading is faster. Also, books are easier to update, keep modern :).


course syllabus
An introduction
JavaScript Fundamentals
Code quality
Objects: the basics
Data types
Advanced working with functions
Object properties configuration
Prototypes, inheritance
Error handling
Promises, async/await
Generators, advanced iteration


4. MDN By Mozilla

MDN is more of a reference tool. Not really structured for learning by newbies. But it is an excellent resource for folks that already have a decent background with the technologies they are reading about. Yes MDN is the best online resource for learning HTML and CSS.


course syllabus
JavaScript basics
JavaScript first steps
JavaScript building blocks
Introducing JavaScript objects
Grammar and types
Control flow and error handling
Loops and iteration
Expressions and operators
Numbers and dates
Text formatting
Regular expressions
Indexed collections
Keyed collections
Working with objects
Details of the object model
Using promises
Iterators and generators
Meta programming
JavaScript modules
Client-side JavaScript frameworks
Client-side web APIs
A re-introduction to JavaScript
JavaScript data structures
Equality comparisons and sameness
Inheritance and the prototype chain
Strict mode
JavaScript typed arrays
Memory Management
Concurrency model and Event Lo


5. Javascript 30

Javascript 30 is great for showing you some basic ways you can use javascript to create or alter websites. Others are right that there are other "more important" things to learn, but practising code and seeing some simple working examples is also very useful.


course syllabus
JavaScript Drum Kit
CSS + JS Clock
Playing with CSS Variables and JS
Array Cardio Day 1
Flex Panels Image Gallery
Ajax Type Ahead
Array Cardio Day 2
Fun with HTML5 Canvas
14 Must Know Dev Tools Tricks
Hold Shift to Check Multiple Checkboxes
Custom HTML5 Video Player
Key Sequence Detection (KONAMI CODE)
Slide In on Scroll
Object and Arrays - Reference VS Copy
LocalStorage and Event Delegation
CSS Text Shadow Mouse Move Effect
Sorting Band Names without articles
Tally String Times with Reduce
Unreal Webcam Fun
Native Speech Recognition
Geolocation based Speedometer and Compass
Follow Along Links
Speech Synthesis
Sticky Nav
Event Capture, Propagation, Bubbling and Once
Stripe Follow Along Dropdown
Click and Drag to Scroll
Video Speed Controller UI
Countdown Clock
Whack A Mole Game

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Pankaj Tanwar

Hi @innocentcoder , Highly impressed with your resources. I am building a free tool for people to share their resources at one place to help the community. Would you mind checking it out?

Its in beta right now. Would appreciate if you allow me to add the resources mentioned here and your previous post (My secret design resources) to

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Innocent Coder

Thanks, your tools good for any stage of javascript developer

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i recommend w3school, i think this website very helpful for beginner

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Davis O Matengo

Yes, It has Very good explanations

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Andrew Baisden

Great resources.

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Innocent Coder

Thanks 😊

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this website is useful for this topic:
is great resource collection for javascript