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re: I started just by looking at projects with similar topics and interests of mine, eg Wordpress development (where I came across github.com/pojome/el...

Your absolutely right. Although at times the projects you might want to contribute too can be so intimidating :/

Yeah that's true. I started looking at projects that needed small things done like documentation, cleanup of typos in code, etc. and then eventually contributed more serious stuff when the time was right.

And I don't take pull requests too personally, if I submit something and it's rejected I usually try to find out why and then learn from it. If it gets accepted I thank the project manager and high five my cat :)

Really nice !!!! I guess I will try and start like you did :). I guess sometimes the fear of rejection makes it harder to just go for it, and it ain't a win if the cat doesn't get a "hi five" lol

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