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Discussion on: Slid on ice, body-slammed my new Macbook Air. What should I check for?

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Israel Muñoz

Good to hear you're ok.

I used to fix computers for a living, so I can tell you a couple of things.

1) Apple has no way of knowing you opened (or not) your Macbook Air, although in this case, it wouldn't matter as they can use that physical damage to deny a warranty claim, even for another component.

2) Regarding the actual damage, if the screen didn't crack, and it still boots normally, you're ok! Macbook Airs have a solid state drive, so it's unlikely you'll damage it. The only "easy" part to damage is the display.

3) If you want to work with your computer, I recommend you buy a kit from Amazon, there are really good and cheap options! Cheapest or most complete
I have the second one.

Now, with your computer open, you can try your best to work with the aluminum to try and bend it back to its original form. It won't be easy and it'll look terrible, but at least it'll sit on a table better.
There are two options basically. Try and bend the keyboard back (hard, and you may need to remove the charging port to try), or just try and bend the bottom case, which is the easiest and doesn't require further disassembly.

If you have further questions please do ask! Happy to help.

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jen chan Author

Thanks for responding! Yeah after a look through iFixit it does seem that unscrewing the bottom, and giving it a bend this way and that with pliers (maybe even a hammering, though I do recognize I could alter the shape of the screw hole) would make it less dented. It's been like, 4 days and it seems by sheer gravity of using my macbook bottom-down on the table, the gap has narrowed. @andy

I'm glad to be reassured that SSD means no/less damage. I feel like I escaped death.

I just ordered:
I assume the Pentalobe ones are what I need.

Figured I will give replacing my partner's phone screen a try. After all he doesn't need it, and I want to use it.

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Israel Muñoz

No worries!

Glad it is working out for you!
The easiest way to hammer it without damaging it at all, is to try to get some wood with the correct shape (sand it down if needed) and put that at the bottom, then get a strong piece of thick plastic that's big enough and put it on top and hammer there.
That way the force is distributed evenly and you won't damage the aluminum that much, if at all.

And yes! These will work for both the phone and the MBA!

Good luck!