Unform: the definitive form library for React apps

Italo Menezes on May 18, 2019

All of us, React developers - or even javascript developers that already heard about React ecosystem - know a thing: forms in React application are... [Read Full]
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Finally, a React Form package that isn't stupidly complex for no reason. I've been toying with the idea lately to utilize React in some of our larger apps that currently use Vue, as it's concepts of immutability would help reason about our complex data flow a bit better... But forms are a nightmare in React and, since most of our apps have a strong CRUD aspect, converting to React on these areas would suck. I'll definitely keep an eye out on Unform, it looks great!


Yeah! The Unform was designed to keep it simple. And even be powerful (the devs are thinking about so many good features to add). It's really worth it.


Have you heard of Informed? It's another simple React form library (previously called react-forms), but has some mature features since it's older. If you look at it, what would you say is the difference between you and them?


Well, I didn't know Informed. I saw it now, and seems good too. But, things that I realized: 1) Unform hits 1k stars in three days; 2) the company behind Unform (Rocketseat) has great developers, I know them, they teach programming and has a big community involved, with about 59k of students, suggesting features and contributing; 3) Unform hits 100% of tests coverage (since Informed has 78%); 4) Unform was designed with performance in mind too, not only simplicity. So, don't get me wrong, Informed seems to be a good choice too. But I really liked Unform and its support. Feel free to try it out too and choose the best to your needs. And thanks for your comment! :D


As I fell in love with styled-components, the lack of support of it in unform is a no for me right now. But I see they have it in their roadmap so I'll definitely try it out :D


Yeah. There is already a pull request adding styled components feature. Stay tuned for future versions.


Forms is probably one of the things I preferred in angular when I moved over to react... But this looks interesting, thanks for sharing it!


We share this thought. But maybe Unform breaks the wheel.

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