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Doing a quick regex on my Reading List (670+ right now), 40 were caught with a quick [0-24-9] min read while 500 were caught with 3 min read. This is fallible for multidigit things like 13 min read, but apparently I don't tend to save long form posts for later. 😅

Thanks for the extra data points!


I love that someone (Kayla) bothered to investigate this. Awesome.


I actually typed up a comment originally like "Uhhhh this feels buggy" but given how much I've read on this site, having a ton of stuff in the 3-minute range wasn't that unheard of. Occasional long-form posts, sure, and occasional discussion questions without context, but for the most part, people tend to succulently say their piece.


We actually still have some older posts which have not yet been indexed and are defaulting to 3 mins. This should be rectified soon. It’s a known issue but I figured people wouldn’t notice this before it was ironed out. Leave it to devs to quickly uncover the problems.


Leave it to devs to quickly uncover the problems.

QA is my day job ;)


Was wondering why I had so many old bookmarks that were somehow 3 mins even though they were long posts.

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