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can you help me to set-up eslint in vs code

Saurabh Sharma on February 09, 2018

I tried it a lot of times now, I thought it's a lot better to ask someone else. Error message: Cannot read config file: C:\Users\itsjzt\.eslin... [Read Full]
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Also, I think we used this guide to set up ESLint with Airbnb flavor:

@maestromac would be able to confirm.

Any reason you're not using npm to configure your ESLint?


got the problem, it was due to some weird file format.

I didn't know how to make a global .eslintrc, so I googled and copy pasted the config.


Hmm interesting. Might be a Windows thing. I always had issues creating irregular file extensions with Windows. Glad you figured it out though.


Hmm what happens if you change .eslintrc.json to an empty object {}?

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