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How to put your website online in under 10 minutes?

As a beginner in web development, you may always think about how to actually put a website you made, on the internet. In this blog, you are going to learn how you can do it in less than 10 minutes with simple steps using Github pages. 

End Result

This is what we are going to make by the end of the blog. See the URL, it's on the internet 👀.

(This is a simple calculator webapp which contains HTML,css,js files)


  • A website having HTML, CSS, Javascript files. (because Github pages support only static websites)
  • Github account.
  • Basic knowledge about git.

Let's get started


Create a repository on GitHub and add all your HTML, CSS, js files.

Note: Make sure you make the repository public.


Open repository and click on Settings.


Scroll down and click on Pages from the left panel.


Now you have to enable GitHub pages for the repository. To do so, click on None and select the main branch of your repository. In my case it is master.


After selecting the branch, the save button will be enabled, so click on Save to confirm.


Now, you can see an indication saying - Your site is ready to be published at <URL>


Wait for few minutes and refresh the page. That indication will be changed to - Your site is published at <URL>

Click on the link and that's it your site is ready and you can share the URL with anyone and show off your project.

Refer to this blog to deploy your react app with GitHub pages:

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Hope this helps you!
Save for reference.
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Gourav Khunger

Yes, GitHub Pages is a great way to host static apps. Even flutter/react/static app made in any framework can be hosted there for free and it is really convenient.

And by the way, your GitHub link at the end of the post also points to twitter which needs to be fixed :)

itsrakesh profile image
Rakesh Potnuru

Hey @gouravkhunger ! Thanks for pointing it out. I fixed it.