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Technically git is even more cool. When the server is down you can just start gitweb and let your colleague pull and push directly from your local repo.This is the true intention of git. Only because we like to store our code in one central place for backup purposes (+ large corporations don't really get git) we use products like stash/bitbucket and use git like subversion.


Yes git is awesome! Oh damn, I didn't think of this case before, pulling directly from local machine. 😂 That's definitely useful if the server is down during important merge between features. Will play with gitweb.

Haha, backing up code is definitely one solid good reason! Given a scenario that a malicious hackers hack all the computers, at least the code is still safely stored remotely. Another extreme scenario is that a newcomer will have no access the to codebase if all the employees are away for holiday. Nonetheless, having a central repo in the server (like Github) promotes transparency to what everyone is doing because we can easily see the changes across branches.

The beauty of git is that we can use it in any way that suits us.

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