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How to get all WordPress posts from the WP API with JavaScript

jackedwardlyons profile image Jack Lyons Updated on ・2 min read

This post was originally published on my blog,

Just recently I was asked to scrape a Wordpress blog for a client to audit of all their posts. Naturally, the first thought was to just export all the posts, however, after a quick google I stumbled upon the Wordpress REST API. Using the API allows you to make direct requests to any wordpress site and retreive a list of blog posts as a JSON object.

Give it a try right now. Punch this into your browser and you should get a list of my 10 most recent blog posts:

It's that easy! Inside each post object there is a huge amount of data. You can extract things like post date, post status, and much more. The API documetation states that you can only retreive a maximum of 100 posts per request. In this post I'll show you how to create a function that will get all your posts in a single go! This can be helpful when the site you're scraping has hundreds or thousands of posts.

Below I created a super simple HTML snippet that you can copy and paste into a basic HTML file. Note that I'm using some modern browser and ES2017 features so you'll have to use Chrome or Firefox. Also, it may take a little while if you are scraping a site with a few hundred or thousand posts.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback to improve, please just leave a comment :)

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Carlos Araya

You can also get the x-wp-totalpages by making a HEAD request for the posts URL (/wp-json/wp/v2/posts/). This will return all the headers for the request and none of the content. If you need the total number of posts, there's another header you can get, x-wp-total.

j_holtslander profile image
Jay Holtslander

To anyone stumbling across this post and trying the above code. Make sure you give enough time for the posts to be pulled. I kept thinking it wasn't working when it was actually still loading them all.

jomuji profile image
José Mujica

Wow! this is great! can i do this in react?
in componentDidMount(){} i guess.


jackedwardlyons profile image
Jack Lyons Author

Sure if you wanna do this in react just pop it in a lifecycle hook. Let me know if you have any issues :)

christopherhbutler profile image
Christopher Harold Butler

Awesome Jack!
Quick question: How can I authenticate to access a secure site that I have a login and account for?

jackedwardlyons profile image
Jack Lyons Author

Not sure tbh ... but I'm sure some googling might provide an answer :) Otherwise you would need to make the content publicly accessible

darlenecodes profile image

Wow, a wealth of data. Thank you!

theketan2 profile image
Ketan Ramteke

I am trying to fetch data from my free Wordpress blog but its not working

jackedwardlyons profile image
Jack Lyons Author

Can you share your code or the error message?