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Great writeup! I'm currently looking to get a remote web dev job. My biggest challenge seems to be a disconnect between what I know (WordPress/PHP/HTML/CSS/etc.) and what I've seen for most "Front End Developer" positions (React/Angular/Vue). I'm in the process of learning React, but I don't really know how to convey "I know a lot of web dev stuff that will help in this position, but not exactly the tech stack that's in the requirements, however I'd sure as shit figure it out if you hired me"


Thank you! Yes, being hired as a developer is difficult and unfortunately, I don't have much advice here. I also know how to code but don't have the "chops" to be hired yet so am personally building my own projects while working in marketing. I agree that sometimes the requirements of developer jobs are at times too focused on specifics instead of the ability of the developer to solve problems.

What I have heard that has worked for some is to build something that is relevant to the company you want to work for. I've seen a couple stories of this happening and the developer getting hired by that company because they were so impressed.

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