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re: Thank you for moving it up. It helps to bail out early enough when you don't even use that kind of system. Though I was going to why it should sa...

100% understand. I know it can be super frustrating. I used Windows as an OS for the first few years when I started out and I hated getting 3/4 of the way through something only to realize there was no easy translation; even side booting Ubuntu only got me so far.

I’ll make a point to call out my local specs more prominently and higher up in future posts. I’ll also try to offer curl options, etc, when appropriate. Do you think it’s fair to ask readers to have a Linux-style terminal at their disposal? Like a Cygwin or Git-bash on Windows? I know Win10 is offering a Linux shell off-the-shelf.

I think that's very fair. On Windows 10, at least, a Linux side-install is very easy nowadays using "Windows Subsystem for Linux". That, or git-bash would work excellently.

I do think the bash is so standard that you could expect that even from a Windows user.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to do a follow up to this post on how to put this into a docker container and I’ll be sure to include options besides brew installs :)

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