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Jakub Andrzejewski
Jakub Andrzejewski

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#1 Building Headless Commerce with Nuxt 3, Shopify, and TailwindCSS

When I first saw a video by @simonswiss about Building Headless Commerce with Next.js, Shopify, and Tailwind, I really liked the straightforward approach of explaining the topic by Simon. There were many topics explained in this video, yet Simon managed to explain it in very simple words and right after watching this video I was able to code similar application.

As I am more of a Nuxt.js fan, I started looking if there are similar videos but using Nuxt instead of Next but couldn't not found any. So I decided to record one myself!

In this video, we will be building a simple Headless Commerce website with Nuxt 3, Shopify, and TailwindCSS.

We will fetch the products from Shopify GraphQL API and build our frontend by using Nuxt 3 and TailwindCSS.

I wont be coding all steps here in the article as they are explained step by step in the video. Instead I will just add some useful links that you could check out if you want to build a similar application.

If you are looking for a production-ready Nuxt application with Shopify, check out and especially, the integration with Shopify

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