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re: I was thinking about Typescript while reading this too. In Typescript you have Typeguards which are basically a validation function (you write it, ...

I actually plan on learning TypeScript 🤣😆 I just have to get over the setup and config excuse... I know once I do it ill be able too to spin it up faster the next times... Just being the bad kind of lazy, procrastinating.

The superset though is exciting and I look forward to all its tooling and power! VSCode is a prime example of the awesomeness TS can be utilized for.

hi Jacob. Would you benefit from an article that shows how you set up TypeScript + Jest + TS and shows a CI pipeline?

Definitely. Especially if you can tie it into a project that already exists... I use React, Babel, Eslint, Parcel, Yarn if that helps at all.

I've created a GitHub template for Typescript. It doesn't teach how to set up a new project and it is opinionated but if you wanted to play around with Typescript, unit testing, code coverage, dependency injection, auto-doc creation, hot-reload and dts rollups it's a ready to go template with a VS Code workspace to boot! Take it or leave.

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