re: How I Automated The Google Form Filling For My College Attendance Using Python VIEW POST

re: Great post, James! I needed to do a similar task with google forms, and this was very helpful. However, it didn't work right off the bat for me. Af...

Hey Simon, Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad, it helped you. About Error 401, I didn't ran into this, and I think it's because of the url. Have you changed your google form url as mentioned in the post? You've to change the /viewform to /formResponse at the end of the url. I'm not sure if this will prevent the 401 error but I guess, this should work.

And about Form Data, thank you so much about that. Finding attributes from the developer tools is the most tiresome work in this script.

Again, thanks for your comment! And it feels good when someone uses your script and tells you how can you improve it!😄


I did use /formResponse. However, I didn't make the form, so there might be some setting differences... I'm not sure. Thanks again, though.

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