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I'd say we're definitely on the right track, I've been in the industry for quite some time now and it's amazing to see how far things have come... but, it's entirely up to us as developers to ensure we cater to our user demographics and pick the technologies we use accordingly. If the majority of your users are on 2G using low-end devices, then your app needs to be lightweight with minimal processes that could block the main thread. On the other hand, if your users are on high-end devices with high speed connections then it could be an ideal situation to push some boundaries.


I don't agree with the concept of categorizing websites by the device or network "majority of users" use. I think web is supposed to be open for everyone. If we have to enable more features, we have the option to build dedicated desktop/mobile clients instead of emulating those on the web.
If we have no option but do provide all the features on the website, we should at least provide a "load HTML only" option for users that use low end device or are in slow network even if the numbers are less.

Also, if we provide no option for low-end device users to open our site, "majority" of our users will always be high-end device users. Unfortunate people won't even complain. They will just blame it on their device or fate and leave forever.


I agree that progressive enhancement is the way to go, but I also understand that in business it's often majority rules. Yes, this will alienate some potential users, however from a business standpoint you're going to allocate your resources towards where the demand is. If the company has a lot of resources, then I imagine they would allocate them towards developing on multiple platforms, but if they don't then they'll put their efforts towards the majority. I agree, in an ideal situation you cater for all - it just doesn't always work out that way and that's when it's up to us as the developers to pick the technologies we use to best cater for the majority.

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