What's the best part of being a Dev?

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Being new to this world, I was wondering, what's the best non-tech non-business part of being a developer?

Do you love it because "I see my best friend every day at work", or "I love the coffee", or you just get a buzz out of having a cool job? What's your thing?

What do you look forward to every Monday morning?

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Best thing for me is simply being able to do a job I'm passionate about. The high from fixing a bug which has been pestering you for hours. The pride when you publish your work and see it out in the world. I just love it :D


The satisfaction of finally deploying a new feature (which I initially had no idea how to implement) into production is one of the most satisfying feelings of my job!


Not hating Mondays is the best perk for me so far. So rare nowadays.


Being able to work from home to be supportive to my family.

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