What's the plan to monetise Devto?

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Wondering what the plans are to make this site pay its way? Just to put it out there: my preference would be to pay a monthly subscription. I don't want my data sold or the advertising jerks to get hold.

I think we all understand you have servers to run, offices to rent, electricity bills to pay... Happy to pay my way.

This is a good thing - don't fuck it up.

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Taken from the FAQ page.

How does dev.to make money?

Right now, we count on listings and sponsors. We also sell some merchandise on The DEV Shop.


Ahhhh, very good. Well, if there comes a time and you need to increase income - I'm happy to pay every month for the openness this site embodies. Just putting it out there.


This is a good thing - don't fuck it up.


I wonder how they are doing sustaining on the merch, bet it's not what pays the bill. Recently, they announced partnership with companies that invested in the company that is dev.to. Wonder how it plays out advertising/privacy wise in the coming years.


Yeah, I guess it comes down to who calls the shots. If it's people from the other companies, it'll be data and advertising driven. Which has the most money. That'd be a pity, but I get how hard it is to get something up an running. You need help - in the form of $$ from outside. Then they call the shots (realistically).

Although, actually, I often wondered why groups of programmers don't get together and 'just make stuff'. They're the people that actually hold the power... . Most of your money goes to wages in business (it can be crippling), and if you're all in it together - that cost is gone, whilst building it. If you're 22, talented and driven; you and your mates don't need sleep. Work during the day and build at night. I did it (in a totally unrelated industry)and it was awesome, all those years ago. It's baffling why programmers don't do this. Surely a company that makes enough is enough? Who'd want to be standing at the helm of the biggest thing in the world? Not me. That'd be shit, for a whole lot of reasons. Buuuuut that's another post.

The world need to change away from everything being 'free' - which is never the case.

For now, my 20 cents worth is - go subscription, guys. I'll pay.


ahem, do-follow. ;-)

But anyway, you don't want to spam dev.to, some guys tried to spam it, now they were kicked out.

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