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Jamie Read
Jamie Read

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I'm a C# dev that needs to build a web app. Sell me a tech stack.

I'm interested in building myself a little web app. That's probably a simple task for most people here, but unfortunately when I left the world of web development jQuery was still considered 'pretty neat'.

So sell me your dream tech stack and tell me why I should build my web app with it.

For some background into the project:

  • A Platform-as-a-service for another of my side projects
  • Will need to interface into Digital Ocean's API to start and stop servers on the fly
  • Will open up to a moderately simple dashboard page showing current resources and deployments
  • Will need to have various step-by-step wizards for creating deployments
  • Will need to be able to authenticate users, possibly with 2FA in the future
  • Will need to interface with some form of payment provider (bonus points for recommendations!)

And background on myself:

  • Primarily a C# developer
  • Secondarily Python and Java
  • Some experience with devops
  • Some HTML, JS & CSS experience
  • Lots of relational database experience
  • Some NoSQL experience (specifically Firebase)

I look forward to reading any suggestions and recommendations people have! Feel free to ask for any more details etc. if you want!

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yaser profile image
Yaser Al-Najjar

.Net core app (RESTful API): blazingly fast

Vue spa: fast as well... and easy as javascript

Relational db: postgres for production

Deployment with docker in any cloud service, I prefer AWS.

jamoyjamie profile image
Jamie Read

I need to get into docker, my webserver would certainly benefit from it at the moment. I have about 6 different services and webservers running on it and it's starting to become a mess already.

Just checked out Vue, looks really neat. I've used React once before and I can certainly see parallels.

Cheers for the recommendations!

imben1109 profile image

Server-side: .NET MVC
Client-side: Angular/ AngularJs / React / VueJs
Database: MS SQL Server / MySQL / MariaDb
Web Server: IIS
Version Control: Git / Team Service
Dependency Management: Nuget

jamoyjamie profile image
Jamie Read

Cheers for the recommendations!

Which of those client sides do you prefer? I've used react before and I was a big fan of JSX, I thought that was very neat.

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