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Nmr (Node Module Resolver) - A CLI to prevent you from downloading packages again & again | Product Hunt

Nmr (Node module resolver) is a command line utility that stores npm modules in a safe place and prevetn your from installing the same module for different projects again and again.


nmr is aimed for reducing the space hogged by the node_modules folder in ever node.js project.


To install nmr, enter the following command in the terminal:

npm install -g @svel-ai/nmr@latest
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To use nmr you have to install package globally, and then add them to your project.

For example, if you want to use the commander module in your project, you will have to install the commander module to your system through the following command:

nmr install commander
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The above command can be run form anywhere in the terminal.

To use the module in your project, run the following command inside of your project directory:

npm init -y
nmr add commander
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That's it. Your ready to use commander. You can use it in your project and import it normally

const { program } = require("commander");
// import { program } from "commander" // If you are using ES6 syntax
// ...
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We love adding new features to our projects. If you have a new idea, a new bug report or a feature request, please feel free to create a new issue and explain.

License : MIT

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