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Discussion on: Who is hiring? (As of October 2018)

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Jarred Taylor

Volt Athletics is hiring for multiple engineering positions in Seattle, WA.

  • Backend Engineer (Rails)
  • Frontend Engineer (React Native, AngularJS)
  • QA Engineer

You can find all the details on our jobs page.

Here's our blurb:

Volt Athletics Inc. is a Seattle-based sports tech company that brings professional-level sport performance training to athletes and teams worldwide. Volt’s proprietary Intelligent Training System leverages decades of proven strength and conditioning research and science to build hyper-personalized training plans delivered through an intelligent training system.

A key difference between Volt and existing fitness apps is that while most apps track what a user has already done, Volt actually tells the user what to do. Volt’s sport-specific programs are designed for performance training and built by professional strength coaches, adjusting to and growing with the user throughout their training. With Volt, athletes walk into the weight room with their unique training plan, knowing that Volt will deliver the right workout for them, every time.