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I know some folks will be annoyed that I even brought this up, but I can't help but wonder how much things were more difficult than they should have been because of your gender.

My wife works as a developer for a large financial institution and while we can't prove any of the problems she's had have been gender related you don't see the male developers having the same issues even though she's at least as productive as they are (she has the reputation for being the one you come too if you're stuck on a problem, because she'll get you unstuck).


Ya know- the thought has passed my mind, and I can definitely isolate some of my experiences (not so much in this article) as being directly correlated to my gender. But I’ve also learned that some experiences are relevant to everyone- it’s just sometimes women are more vocal about it then men. Which is what brings me to write articles like this.
But when I do write articles over my gender-related experiences people get pissed. So please keep talking about it! 💚


Absolutely doing that, not just because of what I've seen of my wife's experience but also simply because it needs to be done.

A lot of what she's had happen to her... you can't necessarily put your finger on it and say it's DEFINITELY because of gender, but unequal systems thrive on plausible deniability, which... well, I'm sure you don't need me to mansplain that to you. So I won't.

But thanks for the great read, I'm just getting ready to get back into the work-for-pay thing after spending a few years at home with our kid and there was definitely a lot here for me to take to heart. ❤️

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