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Discussion on: Don't attend a bootcamp in 2021

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Jasterix Author

Thanks for taking the time to write out such a detailed comment

  1. These programs are always going to be challenging. I specifically took issue with the Flatiron curriculum because learning 4 languages/ frameworks + sinatra/rack is unrealistic. This is prob why so many bootcamps opt to teach 1 language frontend and backend
  2. Very true. When you can get a degree for less than attending a 3 month program, the pricing structure needs to be reassessed. The value / cost ratio doesn't work for me
  3. A very good point. Leaving the pootcamp, I felt much more comfortable deciding what to learn next, but I honestly wonder if a Udemy course could have served the same function
  4. Def subjective. Personally, I'm looking at knowledge imparted + hours of lecture + one on one support per dollar. $17k works out to $1,416 / week of instruction. For that much money, you could just as well hire a tutor for one on one instruction

Since writing this article, I've heard from people who have had amazing bootcamp experiences and horrendous experiences. I really hope that Flatiron has addressed many of the issues my cohortmates and I dealt with. I also hope you walk away with an amazing education.

But especially knowing what I know now, I can't justify paying that much money for the education I received. It's not to say that I didn't learn anything. Flatiron helped me find my footing in learning how to code. I also loved the structure of set schedules, being in a classroom, and getting to ask questions.

Personally, I still don't think it's the best use of that much money. That is why I started this series for people who want to learn and need the additional structure that a bootcamp provides, but don't have the ability to shell out that much money on a program that may or may not work for them.

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Andrey Syroyezhkin • Edited

I think our perception is also shaped by the fact that your experience was with the in-person bootcamp, whereas mine is with the online version of it. From the pricing to lack if individual attention - seems to primarily deal with the in-person version of bootcamps. If one can / chose to cover the same material online in the same amount of time (few months) as the in-class cohorts do, the online education would be way cheaper. At the other hand of that coin, since it's per month, if you take longer to actually learn the material it costs almost as much as the in-person one. For me, the material has to be learned at the end of the day, so it was a choice between taking my time and learning at my pace (longer) but being more thorough, or to blast myself with a firehose of code in a short time but still be relatively new to it all when it's over.

With the online version of it, I don't necessarily have to rush through the content and then learn more about all the things covered. I can just put the bootcamp on pause while I go and learn more of Sinatra or Dbs or w/e they only briefly covered, since I know the job place will actually test if you know it well vs just "we covered this in week 3" lol.

I'll check out your channel though since I do use free resources along side the bootcamp, and since you've graduated from the same program you may have useful information for me.