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Discussion on: Has Umbraco turned into the "tourist trap" of open source .net CMSs

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Tim, some very valid points here for sure. It's so important to keep Umbraco in open source mode, but I also know from a business standpoint that you have to keep the money coming in too. I feel that HQ is struggling here a bit. I hope that your post is read by HQ ... and absorbed.

In a time of increasing competition in the CMS marketplace I feel that Umbraco needs to be removing barriers to entry and not adding in more. Umbraco is heavily advanced-developer focused as we all know. This means that new Umbraco uptake is developer (not client) driven - and it's a hard sell to a client in North America. Very few clients will say "I want this built on Umbraco", a lot will say "What is Umbraco - I want this built on WordPress". It's up to the dev to educate them why Umbraco is a better choice. My point is that it's one of the best solutions out there IMHO, but it's hard to sell to clients in a WordPress world without a stronger developer advocate community. That community can only grow with more accessibility - read easier access to knowledge, better documentation and strong QA/bulletproof releases (especially expensive PRO products like Courier, Forms, etc.)

I agree that it's important to keep the positive vibe of Umbraco going as it's the foundation of progress, but agree that there needs to be a little less monetization and a little more focus on the people that are bringing them the business - after all we are not just developers, we are advocates and sales people all rolled into one.

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Tim Geyssens Author

Thanks for the reply, have you seen my follow up post? There I outline a couple of things that I would feel benefit the global Umbraco market...