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re: Yaaas. I once had a personality test & coding challenge I had to submit together before I went on to the next round. They passed. Was it my pe...

I like the idea of the interviewee providing their own environment. I may use that in the future (with a me-provided environment ready as a backup). Thanks!


For sure - Just be sure to tell them ahead of time so they can be prepared. :)
It's best case really. I have keyboard shortcuts I'm used to that aren't on someone else's machine. Therefore it looks like I'm stumbling, but I'm actually not :(

Yeah, I think quite a bit of cooperative planning would have to go into it (which probably has "interview value" in itself) and would have to be custom-tailored on a per-candidate basis, which is fine for me. I could see this being prohibitively difficult for some orgs but this would work well for us. :)

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