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Discussion on: "Working in Public" - a recommendation not a review

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Jay Jeckel

Very interesting read, I think I might give those podcasts a try.

I very much am and love casual contributes. Often, the reason that a rando drops by to report a bug and try to contribute a fix is because they are actively using the software, found a problem, fixed it for themselves, and are now giving back. That is open source in action and I don't understand how anyone could not love it.

I very strongly disagree with one thing you said. Sharing toys, experiments, or whatever code one has written absolutely is really contributing back. Some half written pseudo code that you throw out in a minute may be the spark that solves the next reader's latest problem and that is worth more than all the giant projects used by millions. Sharing is caring, no matter how small the thing shared.

And I've never used Sublime Text or the MarkdownTOC plugin, but anyone that improves any software documentation deserves all the praise in world. You are prince among people. :)

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jonasbn Author

Hi @jayjeckel

Thanks for the nice response.

Well I actually think we have the same stance on contribution, since I really support the idea of caring is sharing. I assume It's is just my inner imposter telling me not to let my minuscule and ridiculous open source experiments, be categorized as contributions to anything. Yet I keep putting them out there, just like my blog posts, which are often just self reflection and me collecting my thoughts and notes - so getting a response means a great deal to me and believe me I will not stop blogging, sharing, contributing or be less casual about it.

Take care