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Jayme Edwards 🍃💻
Jayme Edwards 🍃💻

Posted on

How Agile Teams Grow Toxic! Episode 3 | Forecasting


"Drop dead" dates!

Changing the schedule to meet "new requirements"!

Do you ever think there's gotta be a better way to do this?

Well there is, and today I want to share with you some information about a topic that often bores software developers...

But in my experience of working with many teams and companies, when developers are frustrated on their project - it is this topic that's often the culprit.

In this video I discuss how people who pay for software development projects forecast.

Before you bail, if you hang with me on this video you'll know more than many agile coaches and product managers about why investing in software projects is unique!

I'll share the dangers of traditional forecasting on software projects - and an alternative way to give investors confidence.

Visit my YouTube channel to watch the entire 18 minute video.

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jaymeedwards profile image
Jayme Edwards 🍃💻 Author • Edited on

Thanks staff for hosting. As my videos have gotten higher quality they seem too big (5-9 GB) to post the entire thing here. I’ll post in full again if I can find a way to trim the file size down.

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