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Bonjour, comment ça va?

¿ Todo bien ?

My name is Jonathan (Hebrew: יונתן) and I'm in love with Languages. Both Programming Languages as well as regular languages.


And, replying to the random question "How has technology changed how you connect with others?":

First and foremost it allowed me to connect to people I wouldn't possibly meet or interact with. And I believe this is a very positive outcome of Social Networks.

Many interesting people I met on Twitter, Linkedin or what have you, I have only met because of the very existence of those social networks. And I'm grateful for that.

As an expat (I'm from Brazil, currently living in Israel), I also learned to appreciate the easiness and immediacy that we're allowed to communicate and keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones.

I was born in a time where we had to use letters and hardwired phones... so I remember how hard it used to be. It wouldn't be anywhere as easy to leave a country for a new one 20 or 30+ years ago. I also learned to admire those who did it back then... can we imagine 100, 200 years ago?

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